Antenne de Gosselies

Project Description

  • The contract covered renovating the Chausée de Bruxelles from Charleroi to Gosselies and expanding the railway network with a terminal station in Gosselies.
  • The work comprised:
    • Rail works:
      • Track on ballast, i.e. tracks in their own base on wooden sleepers
      • Track on concrete (classic type): cast track system with monobloc concrete sleepers
      • Track on concrete (-10dB type): cast track system with monobloc concrete sleepers, using vibration-reducing materials between the rail and the concrete sleeper.
      • Track on concrete type (-20dB type): cast track system with monobloc concrete sleeper whereby the cast track system is set up to reduce vibration by means of the installation of vibration-reducing mats under and alongside the track system.
      • Track on bridge: track placed directly onto bridge and cast with a vibration-reducing product.
    • Related work:
      • Supplying and installing conduit.
      • Supplying and installing conduit for fibre.
      • Supplying and installing holding well.
      • Supplying and installing foundation concrete.
      • Supplying and installing bedding mortar.
      • Supplying and installing drainage system for tracks.
      • Supplying and installing shunting.
      • Supplying and installing jackets between rail and track concrete.

Project Details

  • WerfTech 1393: Métro Léger de Charleroi: Antenne de Gosselies
  • BouwheerSRWT
  • OpdrachtgeverTHV Railconstruct – Frateur – De Pourcq - Taveirne
  • GebruikerTEC Charleroi
  • PlaatsCharleroi – Jumet - Gosselies
  • Bedrag€ 13,356,340.93
  • Data2009 > 2011
  • SP / KR / W15,052m track - 23 point switches
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