Boucle Sud

Project Description

This project comprised the extension of tram tracks from Rue de Ponteur right up to the front of the SNCB station in Charleroi.

During the work, in consultation with the Arcadis engineering agency, a decision was made to change the tracks on top of the underground car park ‘Farem’ from a classic track in concrete to a track cast in U-containers. These were, in turn, secured to a metal structure which is supported by the columns of the underground car park.

Above the River Sambre, a new bridge was installed on which the tracks with the rail pads were placed, with vibration-reducing materials.

The following track set-ups were used in the project:

  • 250m track cast in U-containers
  • 140m track on bridge above the River Sambre
  • 365m track on ballast with wooden sleepers
  • 530m track on concrete with concrete sleepers and rail filler blocks.

Project Details

  • WerfBoucle Sud
  • BouwheerSRWT
  • OpdrachtgeverSRWT
  • GebruikerTEC
  • PlaatsGare du Sud Charleroi
  • Bedrag€ 2,107,111.95
  • Data2009 > 2013
  • SP / KR / W1,285m track
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