Depot Vandermeeren

Project Description

Frateur – De Pourcq, over various phases, took on the expansion of the metro network from the existing tracks in Delacroix station to the existing tracks in Beekkant station. We also took care of connecting this expansion to the depot and the Vandermeeren depot itself, using various installation types such as ballast track, installation on floor-plates, on concrete plates or on piles.

Project Details

  • WerfVandermeeren Depot – Surrounding small ring Metro Brussels
  • BouwheerMIVB
  • OpdrachtgeverMIVB
  • GebruikerMIVB
  • PlaatsAnderlecht
  • Bedrag€ 1,411,342.78
  • Data2006 > 2008
  • SP / KR / W4,648.11m track - 1 crossings - 25 point switches
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