Project Description

The contract covered renovating the passage N148 Antwerp-Hoboken, particularly the section from Kolonel Silvertopstraat / Emiel Vloorsstraat to Schoonselhof / Krijgsbaan R11 (kmpt 00.300 to 03.950).

The renovation included:

  • installation of 2 x 1 lanes, car parking spaces,
  • 2 one-way bicycle routes, rainwater drainage,
  • reconstruction of tram line with free tram/bus track (tracks and catenary system) and stop infrastructure,
  • installation of waste water drainage, footpaths, green areas and street furniture,
  • renovation of the Voetbalstraat and the De Bruynlaan area, between Zwaantjes and Voetbalstraat.

Rail works:

  • guarantee of continuous tram operations and creation of temporary tracks,
  • removal of tram rails and the catenary system,
  • installation of free tram-bus track in reinforced cement/concrete paving,
  • installation of tram tracks with necessary track systems and points units, excluding supply,
  • installation of catenary system masts and catenary system, excluding supply of masts,
  • construction of platforms, shelters.

Project Details

  • WerfN148 Antwerp – Hoboken: Renovation of passage Sint-Bernardsesteenweg F1
  • BouwheerMinistry of the Flemish Community - Infrastructure Antwerp Agency
  • OpdrachtgeverTHV Heijmans Infra - FDP
  • GebruikerVlaamse Vervoersmaatschappij De Lijn
  • PlaatsSint-Bernardsesteenweg in Hoboken
  • Bedrag€ 49,559,196.46 – own part € 11,209,985.76
  • Data2004 > 2007
  • SP / KR / W6,871m track - 7 crossings - 17 point switches
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