Herinrichting van de Leien

Project Description

FDP was part of a temporary association that took on the reconstruction of the busy de Leien street in central Antwerp, during which we took on the following tasks:

  • Design and build of a catenary system doorway to enable transport of existing plane trees.
  • The renovation of de Leien – Bolivarplaats to Maria-Theresialei with a central tram-bus track: design and installation of a concrete tram-bus track in the centre of de Leien (the track is a hybrid track whereby the rails are secured to GUT pads) and installation of catenary system masts alongside the concrete tram-bus tracks.
  • The creation of a park & ride at the National Bank: for the purposes of building an underground car park, the N.V. Etn. Frateur – De Pourcq designed and created a temporary terminus loop (including catenary system); once the roof plate of the underground car park was finished, the track and catenary system were installed in this zone.
  • Track renewal at Leopoldplein and Mechelsesteenweg (from Leopoldplein to Van Breestraat) classic track system on concrete sleepers.
  • Design and realisation of the catenary system at Leopoldplein and installation of catenary system masts on de Leien.

Project Details

  • WerfRenovation of de Leien - Bolivarplaats to Maria-Theresialei in Antwerp
  • BouwheerRegion of Flanders
  • OpdrachtgeverTHV MBG - Van Wellen - FDP
  • GebruikerVlaamse Vervoersmaatschappij De Lijn
  • PlaatsGewestweg N1-N113-A12a in Antwerp
  • Bedrag€ 57 729 277.81 (amount of tender - THV) – FDP section: € 7.359.849.35
  • Data2002 > 2006
  • SP / KR / W6,545m track - 20 point switches - 19 crossings
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