Pairi Daiza

Project Description

Pairi Daiza, a park which has developed from a bird park to a complete animal park, was installing a leisure train in its facility so that visitors could take a tour around the site.

FDP supplied and installed the tracks and point switches, both on ballast, directly onto concrete, poured into concrete and even rails on a metal bridge.

Project Details

  • WerfPairi Daiza
  • BouwheerPairi Daiza
  • OpdrachtgeverPairi Daiza
  • GebruikerPairi Daiza
  • PlaatsDomaine de Cambron - Brugelette
  • Bedrag€ 967.954,96
  • Data2015
  • SP / KR / W2.532m spoor – 8 wissels
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