Our activities

To the side, you can see a summary of all of the areas that we cover. For a detailed summary of our recent achievements, please go to the project page.

With the expansion in the ports of Antwerp, our company has developed to become an expert in building, updating and maintaining crane tracks for all types of processes in the ports of Antwerp, Ghent and Zeebrugge.

We manage these projects from A to Z: from supplying the railway equipment to the tiniest finish on the crane tracks themselves. We have also applied our expertise to installation tasks for the crane tracks for the new Deurganck Dock in the port of Antwerp.

NV Frateur – De Pourcq also works for private companies in the petrochemical sector or general industry. Many of these companies in port and industrial areas have on-site railway lines.

We update and maintain these tracks according to the criteria set out by Infrabel. We also take care of the appropriate connections to these tracks from the public railways.

Public transport is undergoing expansion and FDP has carried out smaller and larger projects for various transport companies including De Lijn, MIVB and TEC.

As main or subcontractor for road builders, we have also built and updated existing metro and tram lines in Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Brussels and on the coast.

Our years of experience enable us to work alongside the client and our partners to come up with safe, low-maintenance and low-noise and vibration solutions.

We also emphasise efficient and sustainable building techniques, as well as reducing the impact of building projects on local residents.

Working on the railways is still a challenging task: working under time pressures, with huge machinery such as reconditioning trains, working in day and night shift patterns and according to extremely strict safety rules.

Thanks to our experience in railway projects, and an efficient organisation, we have already completed many tasks on Infrabel’s behalf.

Alongside the installation of train, tram, metro and crane tracks, FDP also builds and maintains leisure tracks in fun-parks such as Plopsaland, Bobbejaanland, Walibi and Pairi Daiza.

A team of specialised engineers and track builders work on the design, manufacture and installation of these mini tracks.

In our own construction workshop, a specialised team manufactures all sorts of railway equipment and accessories, each and every day. NV Frateur – De Pourcq is one of very few companies in Belgium that still builds point switches and crossings.

Our organisation has been participating in European research projects for many years and also conducts its own research into developing new, economical, safe and sustainable railway techniques.

For example, FDP has developed its own tram system to prevent vibration and noise, which also simplifies the replacement of the rails.