De Lijn Depot Ostend

Project Description

This involved the installation of track infrastructure for the tram depot, minor maintenance workshop, washing facility and sanding installation for trams, including points complexes, parallel tracks, branches and connection tracks along the Slijkensesteenweg in Ostend.

The work included:

  • Supply, transport, installation of traction, supply and signalling cables (+/- 60km of cabling)
  • Rail works
    • Supply and installation of 4 crossings, 32 point switches and +/- 4km concrete and ballast bed
    • Supply and installation of tram tracks on piles for work pits
    • Supply and installation of tram track in U-containers
    • Maintaining existing tram operations
  • Design and installation of a complete traction station with 8 supply points
  • Adaptation of existing catenary system as well as supply and installation of classic catenary system, switching units, contacts and signalling.
  • Installation of completely automated track system with dispatch system and corresponding signals/manual operation, as well as management system and camera surveillance.

Project Details

  • WerfDe Lijn Depot Ostend
  • BouwheerEurostation N.V.
  • OpdrachtgeverCordeel
  • GebruikerVlaamse Vervoersmaatschappij De Lijn
  • PlaatsSlijkensesteenweg in Ostend
  • Bedrag€ 11,250,000
  • Data2015 > 2016
  • SP / KR / W4,200m track - 4 crossings - 32 point switches
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